Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Republicans Have A lot to Answer For

Jimmy Carter put Solar Panels of the roof of the White House -

Ronald Reagan took them down.

That was 28 years ago. Jimmy Carter was a nuclear engineer, before he ever became president. His degree was paid for, by the "Tax Payers of the United States ". He got it from the Naval Academy. He was a nuclear sub boat commander. No president will ever understand energy , it's usage, or it's real cost ..... better than Jimmy Carter did 28 years ago when he ordered the installation of those solar panels on the roof of the White House.

His decision was over turned, by a man who was an actor. Since that time, we have had three decades of Republicans running " Against Hollywood". Every actor elected to the pay grade above dog catcher in this country, has been a Republican. The Republicans put " Gofer" from the Love Boat into the United States Congress ! They put Sonny Bono into the U.S. Congress ! Lord help us if "Cooter" from the "Dukes of Hazzard" makes a come back.

Now, those actors choices have come home to roost. In the current debate one may hear "The French" run their country from nuclear power, or that the people in Brazil run most of their cars from sugar cane. All true dear reader, but back when Ronald Reagan ordered the removal of those solar collectors from the White house roof ...... The French were two decades into a "Government Mandate" that France would be going nuclear. Nature put the coal under Germany, and the oil under the North Sea.
The Brazilians, at that same time, by a "Government Mandate", moved to the current fuels system based on sugar cane. And in 1979 , that was real hippy-dippy stuff.

That's why we all hated Jimmy Carter, he wanted to take away our punch bowl. The actor that replaced him, brought another fifth of Ever Clear, and told us the party could go on. Well, I don't know about you, but $4.75 diesel is one hell-of-a-handover.

The Star , hears those same voices today. We just need to get a bigger bottle of moonshine, and the party will go on. Maybe we should all follow Amy Winehouse to rehab, but first we have this mess to clean-up. The drill our way out of this mess, is now evolving into "mine our way out of this mess".

A few words on drilling. The lower 48 of the United States has had more holes drilled in it than the rest of the world combined, by a factor of two. Many will tell you that we aren't running out of oil. That there is "plenty" of oil. True, what we just ran out of was "easy oil".