Monday, November 16, 2009

" Fat Elk Speaks "

A while back, my friend in South Carolina, by the nom-de-plume of "Sturgeon ", asked if I had a leather vest left over from a past life. I regretted telling him it was all gone. Well I was wrong , I found one in a box, so Friday night I let him know I would pass it along . I made this one on Flint Ave. in Lubbock, in the early 90's. It's made from a very fat old elk hide. I just washed to get it ready to send to him.
Hot water and Ivory followed by lot's of pulling on it as it dries out. Then a heavy dose of Carnauba Cream to restore the waxes and oils .

Over the weekend, Sturgeon had the good fortune to rescue a Red Tail Hawk. Looks like that old fat elk is going to a good home in South Carolina.

Sturgeon's Blues Crab