Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lou Dobbs Gives Us All a Lump of Coal for Christmas

You had a clear chance to cover the most important news last week. But you missed it. Once a year the people who are really studying the earth, and what we're doing to it, get together. This year they met in San Francisco, all last week. 15,000 papers and reports.
The American Geophysical Union: Meeting made this headline on the AP wire.
Over 2T tons of ice melted in arctic since '03

Dec 16, 2008 ----------------

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 2 trillion tons of land ice in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska have melted since 2003, according to new NASA satellite data that show the latest signs of what scientists say is global warming.

No, you chose this guy :
Jay Lehr - Convicted Felon / "Climate Expert"

Message from Jay Lehr
To: All Ground Water Professionals
From: Jay H. Lehr, Ph.D.
Re: Summary of the activities that led to my imprisonment by the federal government and my firing
by the National Water Well Association.

In 1988, the U.S. EPA began an investigation of a $170,000 add-on contract to NWWA’s initial U.S. EPA
contract to develop the Drastic mapping system to delineate ground water vulnerability...

So you went with a convicted felon from the Heartland Inst. the dumbest of the dummy think tanks. But perhaps the saddest moment was when Chat Meyers dropped this off the top of his head. :
“You know, to think that we could affect weather all that much is pretty arrogant,” Myers said. “Mother Nature is so big, the world is so big, the oceans are so big – I think we’re going to die from a lack of fresh water or we’re going to die from ocean acidification before we die from global warming, for sure.”

Earth to Chad, ocean acidification is direct effect of CO2 build-up. As for fresh water, the glaciers that feed the great rivers of Asia are in rapid retreat .

Here's another report out of that meeting you failed to cover :

Computer models have long predicted that decreasing sea ice should amplify temperature changes in the northern polar region.

Julienne Stroeve, from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, told a meeting of the American Geophysical Union that this process was under way.

Changes 'amplify Arctic warming'

As for that whole "The earth's so big, and we're so small !" routine, there will be 6.75 BILION of us on Januart 1st, 2009. Everyday we burn a coal train 35 miles long, just from the Powder River Basin alone. Please if you're gonna bring on paid schills, please don't use a convicted felon who screwed the government picking up a check from the Western Fuels Assco. at the Heartland Inst.

"The Heartland Inst., we're the people who think it's O.K. for your 14 year old son to dip Skol !"

It's clear what you've gotten us all this Chirstmas Uncle Lou. A lump of coal.
Note to the Reader :
Here's part of the whole point of the exercise , see now the denier's have a juicy sound bite of Chad : CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory 'Arrogant' . For them this is "proof", not what the snow and ice guys said in San Francisco last week. The Heartland Inst. just made some very cheap media bullets.

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