Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lou Dobbs Must Go

A segment on the weather and climate change from the Lou Dobbs Show , December 18, 2008.

The week of December 18th was a news rich one for the climate story. The largest yearly gathering of earth scientists was taking place the entire week. It's also usually around the 17th of the month when NOAA releases it's monthly numbers for the preceding month. Let's see what did NOAA headline for November 2008 -
NOAA: Global Temperature for November Fourth Warmest on Record

December 16, 2008

The year 2008 is on track to be one of the 10 warmest years on record for the globe, based on the combined average of worldwide land and ocean surface temperatures, according to a preliminary analysis by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. For November alone, the month is fourth warmest all-time globally, for the combined land and ocean surface temperature. The early assessment is based on records dating back to 1880.

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.

Also on that same day :
15,000 talks and poster presentations at this year's gathering at San Fransisco's Moscone Convention Center. The American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting in San Francisco, an annual gathering of around 17,000 scientists from around the globe.

So the pool of experts is really pretty good to interview that week , and the stories were plentiful, and needed to be reported. Why then did Lou Dobbs chose to book a convicted felon from a phony baloney think tank, that's in pay of the coal lobby ?
Don't trot out Jay Lehr - Convicted Felon / "Climate Expert", and have him claim it's the sun. The sun is not putting out more energy, and the earth is not cooling. If this is the case please present the peer reviewed studies, to support those two central claims of Mr. Lehr.

If the earth is cooling, how did we just melt 2 Trillion tons of ice in 5 years ? One cycle that clearly has an effect on the sun's out put is sun spots. The more spots, the more radiation from the sun.
Sept. 30, 2008: Astronomers who count sunspots have announced that 2008 is now the "blankest year" of the Space Age.

Spotless Sun

The sun seems to be asleep, and we set a new temperature record here yesterday Mr. Dobbs. 80 degrees .


So don't tell me the earth is cooling, because the models predicted events are happening and they are happening in a way I can see here at my location. We set the all time rain event record here just last September 11-12. And that's one thing Mr. Myers fails to grasp. Extreme weather events. 2008 will end up just behind the record year for tornadoes. Nearly 1,700 of them. To me that's a sign that the system is really energized. Since 2005 hurricanes have pretty well destroyed the entire Louisiana coastline. To me that's a sign that the system is really energized. The most powerful cyclone ever seen in the Southern Ocean happened the spring after Katrina, To me that's a sign that the system is really energized.
The meeting this month in San Francisco had another paper reported. One from a Russia. We hear so little from Russia. What we heard from this one, is also another sign the system is more energized.
The East Siberian Sea is bubbling with methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, being released from underwater reserves, according to a recent expedition.

Methane Bubbling Up From Undersea Permafrost
This is not the only bubbling methane report I can produce Mr. Dobbs. I can dig up the tundra on fire story from the hellish summer of 07'. To me that's a sign that the system is really energized.
But if the world is really cooling there's a great metaphor to see it by. Go look-up the records for when the oil and gas rigs can be dragged around the tundra, and report on when that season ran in 1969, and how long it is now 40 years later.